Introducing Open House Sign In and Feedback

Recently, we launched Open House feature and in today’s blog we will provide details on how this feature works.   The Open House feature is a powerful feature which allows Realtors to make their Open House sign-in and feedback process super smooth.

We will provide more details a bit later in the blog, but in a nutshell, the listing agent just needs to add open houses to their listings and select a questionnaire and that is it for the setup part.  On the day of Open House, either visitors can be asked to sign-in using our site (keep the sign in page open on your computer/iPad at the Open House) or you can enter visitor information yourself in our system after the Open House ends if you prefer using the paper sign-in process.  After the Open House, our system will begin sending emails to all the visitors to provide Open House feedback. The feedback questions come from the questionnaire you selected during the setup process.


Let’s dive into details and let’s first talk about the setup.

Setup has two simple steps, first add an Open House date and time, and the second step is to select a questionnaire that will be used to ask questions regarding the Open House.
You can either create your own custom questionnaire or select from many we provide.

From “My Properties” page, click on the “Dashboard” link.



On the property page, click on “Modify”.


Begin adding one or more Open Houses.  Also, make sure to select a questionnaire.





Congratulations, you are done with the setup.

Add Open House Visitors

To add visitors, you can either add them yourself or have the visitors sign-in during the Open House. Let’s see first how visitors can sign-in themselves.
From the property page, select “Self Service Open House Sign In” link.


The next page will show all the upcoming open houses for the property, select an Open House from the list and click Continue.


This is the self sign-in page.  Have this page available at the Open House.  This page does require internet access, so make sure the device which has this page open has internet access.


If you do not have access to the internet at the Open House or if you prefer your visitors to sign-in on a paper first, you can use the following option where you can enter visitor information yourself.  First, go to property “Dashboard” (shown earlier) and click on “Request Open House Feedback” link.  Once following page appears, start entering all of your visitors.


Open House Feedback

For any Open House that has ended and has a questionnaire attached, we send an email to all the visitors to request Open House feedback. Here is how the feedback looks after it has been received.

Here is an example of an aggregated graph.



Here is an example of an individual feedback.


That’s it. It is a powerful feature and we have put a lot of thought in it to make it as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EZShowings Team



EZShowings Expands its Services

EZShowings, a leader in real estate showing and feedback services, has expanded its services to For Sale by Owners (FSBO sellers), Property Managers, Landlords and others who would like to sell/lease real estate.

Selling/leasing a property is a very time consuming process that involves many steps. It requires the property to be listed, marketed and shown several times before it is successfully sold/leased.

“We believe showing process which is repeated many times before a property is sold or leased should be simple and automated. In addition, many times even after dozens of showings, sellers and landlords wonder why there are no offers and that is where showing feedback helps to understand why offers are not being made. In our opinion, showing feedback is the key in getting offers quickly. Our product does these two things (showings and feedbacks) and does them really well and now it is being offered to anyone who is in the market to sell/lease a property.” Sarah Azhar, COO EZShowings.

This one of a kind feature rich solution is available at no cost.

When to Get a Realtor

When you sell a home through a Realtor, you will have to fork out between 2%-6% depending on how many Realtors (buyer’s Realtor gets paid by the seller) are involved and where you live?  In reality, you will be paying between 5%-6%.  Now, you must be thinking, this is a lot of money, absolutely right!!  So, if you can do all of the following yourself confidently, you should be able to sell your home yourself.

  1. List property on your local MLS.
  2. List property on real estate websites.
  3. Market property.
  4. Stage property, if needed.
  5. Come up with a price that is right for current market.
  6. Deal with required paper work (listing, required disclosures, etc).
  7. Manage showings and showing feedbacks.
  8. Deal with attorneys, if involved.
  9. Deal with offers and closing.

Most of us are technology savvy and may have the skills to do all of the above on our own, but sometimes we lack commitment or confidence to deal with all the work that comes with selling.  If you are committed to go forward and have ample knowledge of the trade, there is no need for you to get a Realtor.  However,  you need to keep in mind  that new listings get a lot more attention than listings that have been sitting for a while, so make sure that you do put your best effort from the start, so you can sell your home faster and move forward with your life.

Multiple Offers are Back

Here is an interesting article on the old times returning so quickly.