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Why EZShowings

Our goal is to help you sell/rent your home/listing faster by getting you the targeted showing feedback on your home/listing. The showing feedback on your home/listing will help you understand what prospective buyers/tenants think about your home/listing and the feedback provided by them can help you take appropriate steps to sell/rent your home/listing faster.

Read more to find additional information on why showing feedback is important and how it will help you sell your home/listing faster.

In addition, our completely automated showing request process will save you time where all the showing requests will be initiated from the listing site where your home/listing is listed, so you do not have to take any showing calls. Optionally, you can enter showings manually to obtain showing feedback, if showing request is made via phone or email.

Here are the key features that will save you time and help you sell/rent your home/listing faster.

  • Never Miss Showings
  • Showing Requests Initiate Online from any Website
  • Screen Showing Requests
  • Get Showing Feedback and Sell/Rent Faster
  • Customizable Showing Feedback Questionnaire
  • Showing Reminders
  • Text Messages for Important Events
  • Mobile Access
  • Powerful Reports
  • Quickly Broadcast Property Changes
  • Built-in Showing Conflict Management
  • Many Showing Parameters
  • Your Own Inbox
  • Aggregated Feedback in Graphical Format
  • Add properties from MLS


  • Allow Clients to Login
  • Allow Sellers/Landlords to View Feedback
  • Allow Sellers/Landlords to Confirm Showings